Meet Kowtow: our latest brand obsession

Meet Kowtow: our latest brand obsession

There are several things that we look for when considering introducing a new brand into the shop, and three of those things that are non-negotiable for me are great design and aesthetic (I mean, it has to be something you’ll love reaching for and feel great in) and garment integrity. I was so excited when I discovered Kowtow because, not only did they definitely meet that criteria, they also have an unwavering commitment to sustainability– such a win! 

Here is a little more backstory in case you’re like me and want to deep dive into a brand’s story and values. ::adjusts glasses:: 

Kowtow is Female-founded and run, and has embarked on a 17-year journey fuelled by a deep sense of purpose — to eliminate all plastic from their clothing. Their commitment to Fairtrade organic cotton has always been unwavering, but they recognized the need to go beyond industry norms and find natural alternatives. In a world where many fashion brands are making claims about sustainability, but not actually putting them into practice, Kowtow is committed to leaving no harmful footprint behind. Their production process is transparent, from material sourcing and production processes to the people working in their supply chain. Their 100% Fairtrade organic cotton is a natural, biodegradable and renewable resource, grown using non-genetically modified seeds and without harmful chemicals. And from January 2024, new Kowtow Fairtrade organic cotton garments are plastic-free. 

So, like we said, their commitment to being earth-friendly is probably the coolest thing about the brand. 

The care and attention that’s placed in their approach to sustainability is also evident in their design. Kowtow believes that good design lies in longevity and doesn’t follow trend cycles. It takes more than 18 months for them to develop a collection, from the initial sketches to in store launch. Their pieces are classic, yet interesting. Refined, but wearable. We are so excited to introduce their beautiful pieces to There There, and I hope that you appreciate their intentional design as much as we do. 

Here are a few of the pieces that are our favorites for the season.


kowtow boxy tee
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