There There specializes in consciously made comforting clothing, housewares, and gifts. We support brands that create timeless, well-made pieces that make our customers (and our planet) feel better.

  • *Dream a bigger dream, Min.

  • Founder, shop girl, and all around pleasant human.

    The person writing this bio describes Mindy as human sunshine. (I mean, look at that smile!)

    As a kiddo, Mindy’s first dream was to be a grocery store cashier* and she got butterflies the night before her mom’s annual garage sale.

    With 15 years of retail management experience and a passion for home styling, There There has been swirling in the atmosphere for a while.

    Mindy believes you get what you give and whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you’re right.


    From emotional support sweaters to shelf-soothing content, we intentionally source goods that bring joy and ease to your everyday life.


    We do our best to keep it real, operating with integrity, transparency, vulnerability, and sincere gratitude.


    We believe that you get what you give, and we always try to give more than we get.


    It’s not that serious, y’all. We’re here for a good time, not a long time. Let’s make it fun and have some laughs along the way.


To supply well made, comforting goods that you'll love for a long time. We do this with joyfully while always looking for opportunities to support our community with our time, resources and talents.