Store Design Inspiration

Store Design Inspiration

Some have been asking for an update about our brick and mortar shop. In fact, the opening date is circled, highlighted and written in red on every calendar we own. We are eagerly awaiting opening our doors and welcoming you into our space, whether you are near or far. We can't wait to see your faces. 

Bad news first: we are not quite ready to share the opening date, since there are unwieldy factors such as construction, permits, weather, etc. at play. But suffice to say we will see you on a sunny and bright day in the very near future. 

Until that time, I wanted to share some photos of finishes that we have selected for the space so that you can share in our excitement and nerd out on design with us.


In a former life I was an interior stylist, so while we did not work with an interior designer for the space, opting to do it ourselves, we did use a talented architect to help us to communicate our vision. 

We would describe the design aesthetic of the store as warm, organic, Wabi-Sabi with a touch of post-modernism.  We wanted to use color and texture in the space so that it feels warm and welcoming but also inspirational and beautiful. 


Throughout the space you'll find rounded corners on things like walls and shelving, along with grounding wood and plenty of natural light. 

store design there there

We envision the shop as not just a place to bring you beautiful and comforting goods, but also one in which you can hang out, drink a cold beverage and maybe eat a warm chocolate chip cookie*. While we are at it, let's have some good conversation and try to be pals too. 

(*I have a vision for a warm chocolate chip cookie pop up. It's one of the top 5 best foods in life. And what's more comforting than a warm cookie? Know a good local baker? DM me, let's make this happen!)


We want you to come in a stay awhile so there are plenty of places to land. Comfortable barstools, low slung easy chairs, and a bench in a window seat. 

there there store interior design


While using only calming tones of beige and tan feels safe and tempting it's not really true to our design point of view so we couldn't resist incorporating the colors you have seen from our brand already. Warm deep yellows, earthy greens and pops of blush and rich burgundy. From the dots to hang clothing on in the fitting rooms, to a tile backsplash and terrazzo countertop, we pledge to keep things interesting. 

 There there store design colors

Picture all of the above along with plenty of plants, dried florals and textured fabrics to keep things comfortable. And maybe a few more surprises, who knows? We gotta keep a few things under our hat. 

If you are excited about There There, please tell a friend and follow us on Instragram and Tik Tok. And don't forget to sign up for emails to be the first to hear about our official open date and plenty of fun events and happenings. 

We are grateful for you!



There There construction progress


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