How We Designed Our Store in Asheville, NC

How We Designed Our Store in Asheville, NC

You may not have known: In a former life, There There owner and founder, Mindy, was an interior stylist and consultant. One of her most exciting projects to date was designing the interiors of There There. 

The shop’s design aesthetic can be described as warm, organic, Wabi-Sabi with a touch of post-modernism.  There is plenty of use of color and texture in the space so that it feels warm and welcoming but also inspirational and beautiful. Keep reading to get a further look into the design process. 

First, we envision the shop not just as a place to buy well-made goods, but as a setting you can hang out in, stay awhile, grab some inspiration. 



Throughout the space you'll find rounded corners on things like walls and shelving, along with grounding wood and plenty of natural light. 



We want you to come in and stay awhile so there are plenty of places to land. Comfortable bar stools, low slung easy chairs, and a bench in a window seat. We tapped out friends at Kerr Woodworking to build custom tables to fit the space. 

Color Palette

While using only calming tones of beige and tan can feel safe (which is tempting) it's not really true to our design point of view so we couldn't resist incorporating the colors you have seen from our brand. Warm deep yellows, earthy greens and pops of blush and rich burgundy. From the dots to hang clothing around the store, to a mustard-colored tile backsplash and terrazzo countertop, we try to keep things interesting.  

Of course, we also had to incorporate plenty of plants, dried florals and textured fabrics to keep things comfortable. 


Interior styling continues to be a passion for us, and we love talking through design challenges with our customers while helping them find the perfect pieces to style throughout their home. If you ever find yourself wanting some extra help in your home, let us know and watch this space for more updates and inspiration around home styling. 

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