TLDR: It was inspired by a song title. 

There There is a phrase meant to offer comfort, which is perfect because that's exactly our mission too. It's something your dad might say when you fall off your bike and skin your knee. And these are knee-skinned times. We all need a little bit extra care and comfort. 

If you've never named a business you may not realize, it's very unlike naming a child because it's perfectly acceptable to have two Hudsons in a kindergarten class. In business, reusing a name is, let's say, frowned upon at a minimum and illegal in many cases. It's a bad strategy. 

So the pressure is on.

But since there is nothing new under the sun, it can be a challenge to come up with something fresh that represents your brand and evokes the feeling you want your customers to have when they meet your new endeavor. 

Since we have always loved music we turned to our top albums for inspiration.  Picture this: a sunny morning on the back porch, iced coffee in hand, scrolling through the music app and waiting for our new store name to raise its hand and wave at us among the thousands of titles. 

And then there (there) it was. A song we've listened to hundreds of times. While the song (do you know it?) doesn't quite evoke the same emotions as There There the store, it certainly is a mood, a transforming one. 

It's the kind of song we return to again and again, playing it on repeat and we hope There There (the shop) feels the same way for you. 

Thanks for being along! And if you haven't yet, please drop in your email address below so we can keep in touch. 


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