There There Gift Guide


While it is the thought that counts, we believe there isn't anything quite as special as a gift that says: I get you. 

We took the liberty of pulling together our favorite items into bundles, priced for any budget. 

Read on for gifts that will make them, smile, beam and well up with tears if things go according to plan. 

Mini Soap Dish and Surface Soap, a great gift to elevate everyday hand washing into something beautiful and joyful. 

 Gifts Under $50

The Hagi Cup and Kurin Tea Towels (set of 2) available in 3 prints and with hooks for hanging. 
100 Interiors Around the World for some inspiration and Palo Santo for the best ambiance. 


An Incense Holder and Essential Oil Incense, available in multiple colors and scents. 

gifts under $60

The Waffle Dish Towels are a total staple in the kitchen and come as a set of 2 complementary colors. Pair them with a Rainbow Trivet for extra fun! 

gifts under $75

Our favorite combination to level up your breakfast dishes. The Hagi Bowl and Inka Cup hold your tea and cereal and bring happiness while doing it. 

gifts under 100

Occasionally food gets spilled in the car. Or dirty clothing gets left in the back. You clean your car but the smell isn't factory fresh. Enter: this Travel Essential Oil Diffuser and choice of 4 Oil Blends to freshen things up! (psst: full size Diffusers are available too!)

Gifts Under 100 there there

The colors of these pieces together are ::chef's kiss:. Imagine the Asheville Mug filled with herbal tea, warm and cozy with the Kyoto Cushion on the lap. Who wouldn't want that? 

 Gifts under 100 there there

This gift is a celebration of female artists. The Linus Mug is handmade by Hein of Tranquil Ceramics in Dallas. And of course, Annie Leibovitz is all-time in the photography world. Cheer to amazing ladies! 


Didn't see exactly what you were looking for? Email us at for custom gift bundles for any budget. We are here to help!




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