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At There There you may have seen our mission, to provide goods that make you feel good. One way we do that is by selling consciously made items, pieces from small makers, those with an eye on sustainability and transparency. Here is a blog post all about that.

Another reason we think your purchase will make you feel good is because part of our commitment, baked into our financial model, is a donation of 10% of all of our quarterly profits to organizations doing good in Asheville. Not just during special events or time periods, but always. 

We knew when we began to think about opening a store that we wanted it to benefit the community and be used as a vehicle for good. We aren’t blind to the problems and opportunities for improvement in Asheville and beyond, and also admit to feeling overwhelmed at times when thinking about what it would require to address them all. But, we know that no one can do it all, but all of us can do something.

In addition to financial support, all of us at There There use at least one day per month to roll up our sleeves and volunteer time toward a cause we care about. This month, (September 2022) we are spending time with The Equal Plates Project doing meal prep to support unhoused folks, early learning centers, and elderly people living in subsidized housing.

there there shop volunteer chef chopping vegetables asheville

(If you are in Asheville and want to get involved with a cause but don’t know where to start, we suggest, which will pair you with opportunities and causes you care about to match your skills.)

We also share this information with the wincing knowledge that it’s strange and can feel icky to promote our brand using the vehicle of what good we are doing behind the scenes. We have mixed feelings about it. But, ultimately by speaking about it, it’s accountability for us, but it’s also done in hopes that the work we do (outside of providing sustainable things to buy) might inspire you to do something similar with your platform or gifts.

We appreciate your support of us, as we work to support our community!

With gratitude,


P.S.— What do you think? Are there other ways we could work to help out our neighbors? Are you in Asheville and know of a cause that could use some love? We would love your thoughts! 

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