3 Tips for Storing + Caring For Your Winter Sweaters

3 Tips for Storing + Caring For Your Winter Sweaters

As it continues to get warmer and we shift from wearing our favorite cozy sweaters to our breezy spring dresses, it reminds us that when it comes to building a more sustainable wardrobe, the care that you put into your clothing is just as important as buying well-made, thoughtfully sourced products. Once you get those items home, make sure that you are caring for and storing them in the most optimal way possible, so that you can continue to get years and years of wear out of them. Here is a list of our favorite tips for storing and caring for your winter sweaters. 

  • Wash your sweaters correctly. 
  • Make sure that your sweaters are properly washed before packing them away, to avoid packing them all together with any unwanted scents (like that time my sweater picked up a smoky scent from wearing it during bonfire night!). The best way to wash them is to closely follow the instructions on the label. A lot of sweaters require a more delicate setting, and that they be laid flat to dry.

    Pro tip: if you’re concerned about the fabric becoming too stiff from laying it out to dry, throw it in the dryer for five minutes (but seriously- ONLY 5 minutes!). This will fluff it up just enough to keep its softness, while still maintaining the integrity of the garment. 

  • Invest in the right storage. 
  • As tempting as it might be to hang your sweaters, it’s actually best to fold or roll sweaters while storing them. Hangers (especially plastic or wire versions) can cause them to stretch or create those pesky points in the shoulders that are impossible to get rid of. (no one likes a hanger horn!) We really like to roll our sweaters up and place them in breathable, covered bins that can be easily stored under the bed. The roll keeps the sweater wrinkle-free, so they will be ready to wear as soon as those cooler months start coming back! 

  • Add a scented pouch to your storage bins. 
  • We like to add naturally-scented lavender pouches to our sweater storage bins. This helps to prevent any musty smells and unwanted bugs. Plus it adds a little bit of luxury, because all of your sweaters will smell lovely when the time comes for you to wear them again. 

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